We’re very grateful for the invaluable assistance we’ve received, and continue to receive from these wonderful folks…

Preston Stringer IV- Preston is a talented and hard working artist who has become essential to our process by assisting Werley with all the puppet making, and his influence on our completed puppets is very noticeable.

Dorthy Thielsen- Dorthy has crafted some superbly detailed miniature costumes for us, and we’re very fortunate to have her and her sewing kit on board with us.

Julian Ansell- Julian is an incredibly talented sculptor and renaissance man in the world of art. His mad skills have provided the film with the colossal hand of Earl. His diligence, attention to detail and ability to follow through with the huge task we laid before him was nothing short of outstanding.

Mike Barnett- Mike is very much a jack of all trades in the world of animation. He’s been helping us with illustrations and background art for a while, but now he’s making up one half of our 2d animation department to complete a short but sweet sequence with the talented Bianca Wong. We’re especially grateful for their efforts considering they are also working on a very promising short of their own entitled “Little Book of Monsters.” We can’t wait to see it, and you can check out their project website here…

Bianca Wong- Bianca is an accomplished animation student at the Academy of Art University with a serious passion for her craft. She and Mike Barnett are generously volunteering their time to our project despite being immersed in the creation of their own animated short, “Little Book of Monsters.” It looks awesome, and you can see for yourself by following this link…

Bob Bergen- Bob is the man. He’s also Porky Pig. No, seriously he is. He provided us with amazing voice work and couldn’t have been more generous with his talent and time.  His contribution has increased the potential for our film immeasurably, and we owe him in a big way.

Grace Blevins- Grace is the official graphic designer and promotional consultant for WerleyBob Pictures. She’s also Bob’s adorable little sister.

Sophie Van Ronsele- Sophie is being kind enough to assist us in digitally painting out wire, rigs, and pretty much anything in our shot we don’t want, one frame at a time.  It’s very tedious stuff, and when she saw what needed to be done she didn’t even flinch.  She’s been diligently keeping us up to date on her progress, and we’ve been very happy with her fine work!

Cooper Rich- Cooper is a very talented composer and musician who offered us his services unsolicited, and we are very fortunate he chose to do so.  Not only did he put together the musical accompaniment to our official trailer in a very timely and professional manner, but we think he knocked it out of the park. We’re very excited to see the new dimensions his deadly instinct for musical story telling will add to the film.

Kendall Chow- Kendall is a machinist at The Academy of Art University and was kind enough to donate a custom built ball and socket armature for one of our human cast members. For anyone who isn’t in the cool kids stop motion club, an armature is a fully articulated steel skeleton that goes inside a puppet and makes it animate-able. So it’s sort of a big deal.

Rutger Mckenna- Rutger is an animator, artist, musician, teacher, and terribly nice guy. He’s the WerleyBob Pictures Wild Card. Whenever we have a special task he swoops in to help us sort it out. Most recently he was instrumental in helping us get our Kickstarter pitch video completed.

Don’t Forget! If you’re a talented artist who wants to join us in making an exceptional film please don’t hesitate to let us know! Cheers!


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