Bay to Breakers!

In case any unfortunate people don’t know, the Bay to Breakers is a massive 7.46 mile footrace that takes place every year here in San Francisco. It’s also the most massive party and gathering of freaky weirdos you could ever hope to lay eyes on. I don’t know if there is anywhere else in the world where nutrition and fitness junkies could come together so amicably with plain old regular junkies and everyone else in between to enthusiastically celebrate nothing in particular. Some people wear standard running gear, others wear elaborate costumes, and some wear absolutely nothing at all. Some people run, some people walk, some people stumble, and some people crawl from the San Francisco bay to the shores of the Pacific ocean, at their own pace, and for their own reasons. Naturally our reason was to promote our film and our fund raising campaign on! Unfortunately, Werley had to work and could not attend the race, but he did take the time to make a nice big WerleyBob Pictures flag which Bob waved high in the air as he ran the entire length of the race, stopping only occasionally for prime photo opportunities. He met a lot of interesting characters who were happy to support “T.P.” A few of them happen to be quite famous and we’re sure you’ll recognize some of our celebrity supporters. Take a look!

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