Fun Festival Run!

Hey Everyone!

We’re especially excited to have  been accepted into the Austin Film Festival in Texas, not just because it is a prestigious festival which qualifies the winner in the animated short film category for consideration by the Academy for an Oscar, but also because it is the 30th festival to which we’ve been accepted this year! We were also a finalist in the USA Film Fest in Dallas earlier this year, and have just been accepted to the Lone Star Film Festival in Fort Worth. I guess Texas loves themselves some T.P.!

We’re screening this weekend in the Bend Film Festival in Oregon, and this Tuesday and Wednesday in Tacoma Washington for the Tacoma festival as well! There’s still a fair amount of great festivals we’re waiting to hear back from, so hopefully we’ll have a busy winter and finish our 2015 festival run strong!




About werleybobpictures

We are animators, artists, and storytellers based in San Francisco California. We're using this blog to keep people up to date on our current work in progress entitled, "T.P." When complete it will be a delightful 15 minute stop motion romp following the struggle of a young roll of toilet paper trapped in a dirty gas station bathroom.
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