Watch T.P. Now!

Hey Everybody,

We’re very happy to be included in the 5th edition of the Viewster Online Film Festival, the theme of which is Animated Worlds. There are many amazing looking films available to watch for free, and afterwards you can share them with your friends or strangers on the internet! You can also vote on your favorites, and data regarding viewer votes, posts on social media, blogs, etc will be used to determine 10 final films that will compete for a combined $50,000 in prizes.

So the link to T.P. is here…

We hope you all enjoy it and find it to have been worth the wait.

We’re also very happy to share this press release…

“LAIKA holds an employee screening of the stop-motion short, T.P., by WerleyBob Pictures.”

The screening went very well and it was great to see T.P. on the big screen at last!

So far we’ve received notifications from seven film festivals and been accepted into six of them. Unfortunately we didn’t get into Cannes, but if you’re in Mankato Minnesota this Saturday you can check us out at the Speechless Film Festival at 7:00 during the animated films screening. The schedule is here…

Also, if you’re in Liverpool England you can catch as at the Liverpool Lift Off Film Festival tomorrow!

Thanks everyone, and enjoy the movie!


Bradly Werley and Bob Blevins

a.k.a WerleyBob Pictures

About werleybobpictures

We are animators, artists, and storytellers based in San Francisco California. We're using this blog to keep people up to date on our current work in progress entitled, "T.P." When complete it will be a delightful 15 minute stop motion romp following the struggle of a young roll of toilet paper trapped in a dirty gas station bathroom.
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3 Responses to Watch T.P. Now!

  1. The link you shared does not lead to the film. I tried to find the film using search engines, but couldn’t succeed. Could you please show me a way to watch this movie? I am very curious about it, and I may post it to our website.

    • Thank you very much for your interest in T.P.! Unfortunately that is an old link from earlier this year. We briefly exhibited the film online for a week as part of an online animated film festival, but are currently no streaming it in its entirety until our festival run is complete. We will likely put it up on Vimeo sometime early in 2016, at which point we would love for you to share it on your website. Thanks so much!

  2. I am looking forward to hear that! I wish you great succcess!
    Kind regards,

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