The Official T.P. Trailer

Hey Friends,

So we’ve posted our official trailer to Vimeo and littered our blog with various viewing options.  You can click the image at the right of the home page or go to the new trailer page as well.  We also did a Kickstarter update which you can see here…

The gist of it is that we’re cruising pretty good over here and have established weekly goals for a final sixteen week push to our production wrap date on December 20th. At that point we’ll still have all the post-production work to do, but the hard part will certainly be over.  Currently we’re in week three and ahead of schedule with every intention of maintaining that momentum.  We’re getting there, and in the mean time we hope you get a kick out of the trailer.



About werleybobpictures

We are animators, artists, and storytellers based in San Francisco California. We're using this blog to keep people up to date on our current work in progress entitled, "T.P." When complete it will be a delightful 15 minute stop motion romp following the struggle of a young roll of toilet paper trapped in a dirty gas station bathroom.
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