We’ve found our voice actor!

Great news friends! Ever since we began to pursue this project we’ve been racking our brains to figure out how we would obtain quality voice acting for our film. We posted flyers around college drama departments, and even experimented with the notion of taking the task on ourselves. However, an unexpected opportunity arose and we’ve been tremendously fortunate to contract veteran voice actor Bob Bergen to provide the vocal performances for all the speaking characters in T.P.! Bob is a total pro who has been working in the industry his entire adult life. He’s been the official voice of Porky Pig since 1990, and we can’t wait to hear the voices he creates for our characters when we travel down to L.A. next week! You can click the link below to visit his website where you will find his animation demo reel and resume. Listen carefully for the iconic characters he’s voiced, and count how many of your favorite animated films and t.v. shows he’s worked on!


Upon perusing his website you may ask yourself, “How did they get this guy on board?” The answer to that is simple. Bob Bergen is about as nice and cool as they come, and he offered to help us out for as little as the Screen Actors Guild will permit him to work for. Pretty cool huh? Quality voice acting has been the last missing ingredient so to speak, and now that we know we will have it, all the key ingredients for an awesome animated film are on the counter. All we have to do is cook it up. So we’re gonna keep cookin’. Cheers!


About werleybobpictures

We are animators, artists, and storytellers based in San Francisco California. We're using this blog to keep people up to date on our current work in progress entitled, "T.P." When complete it will be a delightful 15 minute stop motion romp following the struggle of a young roll of toilet paper trapped in a dirty gas station bathroom.
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