Fun Festival Run!

Hey Everyone!

We’re especially excited to have  been accepted into the Austin Film Festival in Texas, not just because it is a prestigious festival which qualifies the winner in the animated short film category for consideration by the Academy for an Oscar, but also because it is the 30th festival to which we’ve been accepted this year! We were also a finalist in the USA Film Fest in Dallas earlier this year, and have just been accepted to the Lone Star Film Festival in Fort Worth. I guess Texas loves themselves some T.P.!

We’re screening this weekend in the Bend Film Festival in Oregon, and this Tuesday and Wednesday in Tacoma Washington for the Tacoma festival as well! There’s still a fair amount of great festivals we’re waiting to hear back from, so hopefully we’ll have a busy winter and finish our 2015 festival run strong!



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Watch T.P. Now!

Hey Everybody,

We’re very happy to be included in the 5th edition of the Viewster Online Film Festival, the theme of which is Animated Worlds. There are many amazing looking films available to watch for free, and afterwards you can share them with your friends or strangers on the internet! You can also vote on your favorites, and data regarding viewer votes, posts on social media, blogs, etc will be used to determine 10 final films that will compete for a combined $50,000 in prizes.

So the link to T.P. is here…

We hope you all enjoy it and find it to have been worth the wait.

We’re also very happy to share this press release…

“LAIKA holds an employee screening of the stop-motion short, T.P., by WerleyBob Pictures.”

The screening went very well and it was great to see T.P. on the big screen at last!

So far we’ve received notifications from seven film festivals and been accepted into six of them. Unfortunately we didn’t get into Cannes, but if you’re in Mankato Minnesota this Saturday you can check us out at the Speechless Film Festival at 7:00 during the animated films screening. The schedule is here…

Also, if you’re in Liverpool England you can catch as at the Liverpool Lift Off Film Festival tomorrow!

Thanks everyone, and enjoy the movie!


Bradly Werley and Bob Blevins

a.k.a WerleyBob Pictures

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New Kickstarter Campaign!

Hey Everyone!

With the animation on T.P. all wrapped up we have launched a Kickstarter campaign to cover the bulk of our post production costs, particularly music and sound design. We’ve been very grateful to our friends, family, backers, and collaborators throughout the long and rewarding process of making this film. We’re hopeful that in the next thirty days we’ll introduce this project to friends we haven’t met yet who will help us spread the word about T.P. both online and off, and help us finish this film the right way.  So here’s the link, and if you like what we’re doing we would greatly appreciate your support and enthusiasm.  Here’s the link, and thank you all very much!

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The Official T.P. Trailer

Hey Friends,

So we’ve posted our official trailer to Vimeo and littered our blog with various viewing options.  You can click the image at the right of the home page or go to the new trailer page as well.  We also did a Kickstarter update which you can see here…

The gist of it is that we’re cruising pretty good over here and have established weekly goals for a final sixteen week push to our production wrap date on December 20th. At that point we’ll still have all the post-production work to do, but the hard part will certainly be over.  Currently we’re in week three and ahead of schedule with every intention of maintaining that momentum.  We’re getting there, and in the mean time we hope you get a kick out of the trailer.


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WerleyBob’s Latest News

Hey Friends!

A lot has happened in the last six months or so. We’ve been hired and fired by Disney,(laid off actually) worked with animation and VFX legend Phil Tippett, and decided to relocate ourselves.  A detailed update can be found on our Kickstarter page here…

We’re updating and re-organizing our photo gallery as well, but most importantly you may notice the “donate” buttons on the side of the page.  Those buttons are very functional.  We’re starting to begin fundraising for all the post production expenses that await us down the road such as original music, sound design, editing, film festival entrance fees, and who knows what else. We still have a lot of work to get done, but if we can start bringing in a little bit at a time now we’ll be able to make a better movie faster, and distribute it to a larger audience when it’s through.  So if you’re one of the people who discovered us after our Kickstarter closed, but still wanted to donate to T.P. we’ve created an easy way.  Just check the rewards list on our Kickstarter page, and shoot us a message when you donate so we can add you to the list of other backers who are already awaiting their incentive.  If you can help direct some traffic our way though Facebook, Linkedin, twitter, or any other social media that would be great.  Thank you all for your interest and support.


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New Kickstarter Update!

Hey Ya’ll,

We’ve posted a new update on our Kickstarter page that you can view here…

It includes a piece of animation from the film(sort of), and some process videos we each made, as well as some stills.  We’ve updated our Teammates page to include our newest collaborator and friend Sophie Van Ronsele.  She’s being kind enough to help us with the painstaking process of digitally painting out unwanted rigs, wire, and other undesirable objects from each frame of animation.  Check it out!

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New Kickstarter Update…

Hey friends!  We just updated our Kickstarter page with a short clip from our recording session with Voice Acting guru Bob Bergen, and the link is below if you want to check it out…

Also, we’re putting out a call for  people experienced with After Effects and Photoshop to help us with digital painting and rig removal, as well as for a capable sound designer.  So if any of you know someone…

We’re still plugging away over here.  Take care!


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We’ve found our voice actor!

Great news friends! Ever since we began to pursue this project we’ve been racking our brains to figure out how we would obtain quality voice acting for our film. We posted flyers around college drama departments, and even experimented with the notion of taking the task on ourselves. However, an unexpected opportunity arose and we’ve been tremendously fortunate to contract veteran voice actor Bob Bergen to provide the vocal performances for all the speaking characters in T.P.! Bob is a total pro who has been working in the industry his entire adult life. He’s been the official voice of Porky Pig since 1990, and we can’t wait to hear the voices he creates for our characters when we travel down to L.A. next week! You can click the link below to visit his website where you will find his animation demo reel and resume. Listen carefully for the iconic characters he’s voiced, and count how many of your favorite animated films and t.v. shows he’s worked on!

Upon perusing his website you may ask yourself, “How did they get this guy on board?” The answer to that is simple. Bob Bergen is about as nice and cool as they come, and he offered to help us out for as little as the Screen Actors Guild will permit him to work for. Pretty cool huh? Quality voice acting has been the last missing ingredient so to speak, and now that we know we will have it, all the key ingredients for an awesome animated film are on the counter. All we have to do is cook it up. So we’re gonna keep cookin’. Cheers!

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“T.P.” is in progress..

Welcome to the official blog site of WerleyBob Pictures! Browse around and check out what we’ve been up to, and keep posted for updates.  We’ll be adding to the blog slowly but surely as we make progress with the film.  Also, don’t forget to visit to check out our promo video.  Cheers.

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